Short Hamburg Cruise on the Queen Elizabeth and a stay at the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski

Hamburg Cruise on the Queen Elizabeth and a stay at the Atlantic Kempinski

Itinerary: Southampton > Hamburg

Accommodation: Princess Suite, Category P1 number 8087


This was just a short 2 night stay on board the Queen Elizabeth travelling from Southampton to Hamburg. We were dining in the Princess Grill, a lovely restaurant with flexible dining times.


We packed our own special bottle of champagne (this is allowed)



In the Princess Grill






Hotel Atlantic Kempinski

This 5 star hotel is very impressive, and is situated right on the river Alster, near the train station and major shopping areas.  The art deco interior is beautiful and the restaurant and bar is majestically grand. We loved the look of the column-lined courtyard area and the art deco Atlantic Bar on the first floor where we sat having a drink whilst working out our plan to view the city in only 24 hours.






Butcher’s American Steakhouse, Hamburg

Knowing we would only have one night at Hamburg, I did some research before our trip as to the better restaurants near the Atlantic Kempinski.  Some research online told me that Butcher’s is one of the best restaurants in Germany, and, as Hus loves a good steak it sounded ideal.

The steakhouse is located in a more residential part of the town.  It is a small restaurant, dominated with wooden tables and floors.

The types of steak on offer are numerous, portions range from 200g – 1000g.  We were shown a platter of all of the different types of steak on offer before choosing; Hus went for the large T-Bone and I went for the fillet steak.

Hus’ steak was absolutely massive, I kept laughing at the size of it in comparison to his head! But he finished it all with great gusto. Mine was a lot smaller, a 300g fillet, and perfectly cooked.

The side of sautéed green beans with bacon were amazing with the steaks.  We also had fried onions which were nice, but the portion was massive, I think it would benefit a bigger party of people to share or a mini version for couples because we just ended up leaving the majority of this dish.

Butchers Steakhouse (not my picture)
300g fillet
Hus’ steak


Final thoughts

This was a great little cruise and stay break and we are actually sort-of re-doing it this September, staying first at the The Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten in Hamburg, then boarding the Queen Mary 2 from Hamburg to travel back to Southampton.  I will be blogging that one live, so look forward to it!

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